Animal Abuse

Did you know that people are killing animals for there fur?  I think that if these people don’t want there animals they should take them to an animal shelter. ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TO!!!!!! They deserve respect like all living things.

-Emily S.

People Who Kill Animals For Their Fur :-(

Dear Animal Police,


Do you know what people are doing to these poor animals? People are killing poor animals for their fur.   People are killing poor animals when they didn’t do  anything wrong! You guys are doing a great job helping these poor animals.

Why are people killing animals for their fur because there abusing them.One owner tied his dog up in his garage with no food and water. Also these teenagers wanted their dog to fight but the dog didn’t want to fight. So the they tied him up to the railroad track and a police found the dog. We need to treat these animals better.

They are also killing sea animals for their blubber,scales and turtle shell. The people who go fishing drop their hook in the water carelessly and it gets stuck on the animals that are in the water. Some people kill sea turtles for their shells. Thank you for caring about these poor animals.




Alyssa S.