The Porn Trap

The Porn Trap: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems Caused by Pornography, by Wendy Maltz, LCSW, DST & Larry Maltz. (2009)


Wendy Maltz, LCSW, DST, is an internationally recognized sex therapist, author, and lecturer, with more than thirty-five years of experience providing help for sex and intimacy concerns. She is a leading expert on healing from sexual abuse, understanding sexual fantasies, overcoming problems caused by pornography, and developing skills for healthy sexual intimacy. She is co-director, with her husband Larry Maltz, of Maltz Counseling Associates in Eugene, Oregon and has taught sexuality classes at the University of Oregon. Wendy is the 2014 recipient of the Carnes Award, in honor of her contributions to the field of sex addiction, presented by the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health. Her educational website,, provides free articles, posters, interviews, and inspirations that assist in healing and promote sexual health.