Living for Today: From Incest and Molestation to Fearlessness and Forgiveness 

Living for Today: From Incest and Molestation to Fearlessness and Forgiveness 

By Erin Merryn, MSW. (2009)



Fans of Erin Merryn’s heart-wrenching debut memoir Stolen Innocence were left wondering what would become of an emotionally fragile Erin after her confrontation with the reality and repercussions of being a child of incest and molestation. In Living for Today, Erin chronicles how she cultivated the strength to face her abuser and eventually found relief from years of emotional restlessness, while also igniting the beginnings of a new fearless journey. Living for Today chronicles that journey, which began with the unearthing of private shame, releasing of ugly memories, letting go of guilt, and becoming the mouthpiece of millions of her generation.

In Living for Today, anyone who has felt victimized, ashamed, isolated, and silenced by their abusers will receive a roadmap for self-discovery, forgiveness, and empowerment. With real compassion and wisdom, this book can help readers overcome trauma and live fully and fearlessly for today.

Sex Object: A Memoir

Sex Object: A Memoir

February 28, 2017

By Jessica Valenti

New York Times Bestseller

“Sharp and prescient… The appeal of Valenti’s memoir lies in her ability to trace objectification through her own life, and to trace what was for a long time her own obliviousness to it…Sex Object is an antidote to the fun and flirty feminism of selfies and self-help.” – New Republic

Hailed by the Washington Post as “one of the most visible and successful feminists of her generation,” Jessica Valenti has been leading the national conversation on gender and politics for over a decade. Now, in a memoir that Publishers Weekly calls “bold and unflinching,” Valenti explores the toll that sexism takes on women’s lives, from the everyday to the existential. From subway gropings and imposter syndrome to sexual awakenings and motherhood, Sex Object reveals the painful, embarrassing, and sometimes illegal moments that shaped Valenti’s adolescence and young adulthood in New York City.

In the tradition of writers like Joan Didion and Mary Karr, Sex Object is a profoundly moving tour de force that is bound to shock those already familiar with Valenti’s work, and enthrall those who are just finding it.

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Freeing Yourself from the Shame of Childhood Abuse

It Wasn’t Your Fault: Freeing Yourself from the Shame of Childhood Abuse with the Power of Self-Compassion, by Beverly Engel, LMFT (2015).

Shame is one of the most destructive of human emotions. If you suffered childhood physical or sexual abuse, you may experience such intense feelings of shame that it almost seems to define you as a person. In order to begin healing, it’s important for you to know that it wasn’t your fault.

In this gentle guidetherapist and childhood abuse expert Beverly Engel presents a mindfulness and compassion-based therapeutic approach to help you overcome the debilitating shame that keeps you tied to the past. By following the step-by-step exercises in this book, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the root cause of your shame. And by cultivating compassion toward yourself, you will begin to heal and move past your painful experiences.

Recent studies show that trauma survivors, particularly those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from abuse, can greatly benefit from incorporating elements of self-compassion into their treatment. Furthermore, the practice of self-compassion has been shown to decrease PTSD symptoms, including, self-criticism, thought suppression, and rumination.

This book is based on the author’s powerful and effective Compassion Cure program. With this book, you will develop the skills needed to finally put a stop the crippling self-blame that keeps you from moving on and being happy. You’ll learn to focus on your strengths, your courage, and your extraordinary ability to survive. Most of all, you’ll learn to replace shame with its counter emotion—pride.

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Intimacy After Trauma

Intimacy After Trauma


By Dr. Kat Smith

TEDx Talks

Published on January 19, 2017

Navigating romantic relationships has proven to be challenging. In our desire to make a true, heartfelt connection we fail to build a solid foundation for our relationships, which is intimacy. Intimalogy is the study of intimacy and its complexity. In this talk, Intimacy expert, Dr. Kat Smith, shares her story of triumph over trauma. After childhood abuse and date rape, she was able to use her challenging life experiences to open up to the transformational power of love. With today’s challenges of sexual assault and domestic abuse, Dr. Kat uses her past as inspiration and enlightenment to helps to motivate and re-educate men and women on all the components of intimacy, emotional development and the differences between intimacy and sex. She teaches couples how to create the deep intimate connections they desperately desire. Intimalogist, Dr. Kat Smith is America’s Intimacy Expert and formerly a co-host of an ABC radio syndicated show. She is a Certified Love Coach, the author of several books and manufacturer romance and jewelry products. Dr Kat has appeared an expert guest on national and local media. as her work helps singles and couples to expand their capacity to love and be loved by learning to embrace growth and change that heals and enriches not only their intimate relationships but all life relationships. For more information visit This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at