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Resources Disclaimer … I do not endorse any particular information source or style of healing; healing is best accomplished by thinking for yourself. While sources provided may contain invaluable information, each person must chose resources carefully. Healing is an individual process and a single resource could never meet the needs of everyone. Any book or website could contain information that’s triggering for you. Many of my resources come from other mental health providers whose clients have found helpful. Sometimes I suggest books by an author whose other books I have read and have found them valuable. Please be critical of all information as I cannot guarantees the veracity of all the sources, as they change over time. provides a great deal of information about the books they sell; check that out first. Also I have not/cannot read all of the books/websites that are available and that might prove helpful for my clients. I share resources hoping you will find solace from your suffering.

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Welcome to PossibilitiesBlog

I’m a mental health counselor who has specialized in childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas for 17 years. I’ve come across many helpful resources over the years.  I developed this blog so I can share healing tools for those struggling with these profoundly difficult life situations.  I have not yet read every single source, but I have always obtained them from a good source, such as other colleagues or authors I know to be wonderful healers.  There are many fellow humans who can inspire us to grow.  I know that my clients inspire me all the time through their insights and courage.

After working on this blog I realized that as a grandmother I wanted to leave this for my granddaughters too. I want them to know what I thought was important, what I felt passionate about, and how I hope that they have a better future due to the efforts of feminists like me. The beauty of living long is that you get to witness progress as it comes. I see an enormous amount of progress in how males are much freer to express themselves as human beings and let go of the macho jail they were socially supposed to inhabit. Sadly, we do still have a way to go.