Raped by His Mother Video

Full Episode: Raped by His Mother Video

Aired 2/15/2010

It’s the side of child molestation that’s rarely talked about. In this full episode of The Oprah Show, Gregg Milligan reveals how he survived years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his own mother.


Girl Explains Rape In 11 Tweets …

Girl Explains Rape In 11 Tweets, And Everyone Must Read Them

May 2017

By​ Stella

At Boredpanda.com


(My personal note: Arousal is a physiological response to one’s sexual organs being stimulated; it’s wired into our bodies, thus these bodily responses are out of our control.

Desire is our psychological wish to have sex with someone; it’s something we want to do. It’s a very different thing than arousal because it is our specific feelings for the other person.)

Male Survivors Video

Episode #13: Male Survivors – Engage by Uplift

Uplift- Online Communities Against Sexual Violence

Published on Oct 7, 2015

CALL TO ACTION: For this week’s call to action, we want you to think about why it’s harder for men to come forward after a sexual assault or abuse. What can we do as a community to make it easier for men to get the support that they need? Share your answers in the comments down below or on social media with the hashtag #EngageUplift.

For more resources for male survivors:

Engage by Uplift tackles the difficult issues surrounding sexual abuse that the YouTube and online communities face. We’re starting real talk for real change.

Each week, our host Kat Lazo discusses abuse and how it manifests in virtual spaces. Watch and collaborate with us through weekly calls to action, and join in with some of your favorite YouTubers as they consider the issues in round table discussions.

Guest host: Daniel Wagner

Directed by Kelly Kend: http://kellykend.com/

Written by Das Chapin

Real talk for Real Change. #EngageUplift
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